Irene trained as an addiction counsellor in Paris in 1995 and has worked in the field
since.   The first 5 years in France, she was invovled in setting up a drug free wing in a prision as well as working in the one minnesota model residential  treament center.
She moved back to Ireland in 2000 and got a degree in psychoanalysis and postgraduates in managing in the community sector and adult and community education.
She has worked at the the Rutland Center, then Soilse day programme, and for the last 16 years has managed HOPE. HOPE works to help people find abstience based recovery from addiction.
She has also been a commuity advocacte for recovery and has served as a community rep on the drugs task force, the docklands forum, and the programme impletmentation board of the NEIC - an organsistion set up to bring change to the NEIC.


She is currently doing a research masters in Addiction Recovery in Trinity College School of Medicine.


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